Troubleshooting: Instagram Connection Issues

Instagram Connection Troubleshooting

First, please confirm the following 2 prerequisites:

  1. 1. That the Instagram profile you are trying to connect is a Business profile not a personal profile. If you need to convert it to a business profile here are the steps: HOW TO SWITCH TO AN INSTAGRAM BUSINESS PROFILE
Sometimes Facebook may have not linked the profile and fan page together correctly, so re-linking them together can usually resolve the issue. To do this, simply go to your Instagram mobile app, Click Settings, Account and click Switch Back to Personal Account and then go back and click Switch to Business Profile to re-initiate the process.

  1. That the Instagram Business profile you are trying to connect is linked to a FB business page you are an admin of. You can link them if needed by following these steps: HOW TO LINK YOUR INSTAGRAM BUSINESS PAGE TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE

Once you have confirmed the above, please follow these steps:

  1. Click CONNECT INSTAGRAM icon at
  2. Select Login/Continue as (name) OR edit settings if you are already logged in and follow the steps in the tutorial video to resync your connection. 

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