Social Media Auto Posting Membership Plans

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Social Media Auto-posting Membership Plans

Want us to handle posting to your social media business account for you? No problem! We offer 3 different social media auto posting membership plans and here's how they work!

  • Facebook Auto posting Membership Plan
  • Instagram Auto-posting Membership Plan
  • Combo FB +Instagram Auto-posting Membership Plan


Members on the FB auto-posting plan receive 5 posts a week to their FB Business page. These posts follow our exclusive Monthly Marketing Calendar available to members and are a variety of social media posts and videos with engaging captions!


Members on the Instagram auto-posting plan receive 3 posts a week to their Instagram Business account. They can select from either our Dusk or Dawn color palette, exclusively curated and designed for the perfect Instagram aesthetic that is sure to impress.


Members on the combo auto-posting plan receive the best of both worlds! 5 Facebook Business page posts a week & 3 Instagram posts a week!

All auto-posting plans also include access to the Member Site!

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