How to use our Canva Engaging Content Templates (Lender Crate)

To edit, download or share our Canva Engaging Content templates just follow these simple instructions! You'll just need a Free Canva Account.


  1. Select the Category you want to open the Engaging Content Templates. For example, PROPERTY, EDUCATE, INTERACTIVE.....
  2. CLICK the EDIT IN CANVA button at top of the section
  3. Another tab will open, click USE TEMPLATE to open the templates in Canva
  4. All templates for that section will open
  5. From there, edit the graphics as you wish
  6. Then either download or share to your social media directly from Canva!

To Download from Canva:

  1. Click the DOWNLOAD button at the top right of the screen in Canva
  2. Select the page or pages you want to download to your device
  3. Select the format (we recommend jpg or png for social media graphics)
  4. Click DOWNLOAD

To Share Graphic to your Social Media pages from Canva:

  1. Click the 3 little dots at top right of screen in Canva
  2. Select Facebook Page or Instagram (make sure to follow the steps to connect your Facebook page or Instagram page the first time)
  3. Select the graphic page or pages you want to share
  4. Write a Caption (or copy/paste the caption we have ready for you in the NOTES section of the Canva template)
  5. Click Publish

View more about sharing from Canva to social media apps here.

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