How to Use Reels Content - Canva Templates

Using our Canva Reels templates is super easy! Just follow these instructions for editing, downloading & sharing your video from Canva! Remember, all you need is a FREE Canva account.

To get started with editing and sharing your reels from LenderCrate to Instagram:

  1. Log into LenderCrate: Visit and log into your account.
  2. Select the Reel Templates: Go to the "Reels Hub" section where you'll find the reel templates.
  3. Edit in Canva: Click on the "Edit in Canva" button to customize the template. You can change text, colors, images, and other elements to match your brand.
  4. Edit in Batches: To save time, you can open multiple reel templates in different tabs and edit them in batches. This way, you can apply consistent branding elements across all your reels more efficiently.
  5. Send to phone from Canva: Canva desktop offers a great feature to make this process easier. Click "Share," then "More," and select "Send to Phone." This will save your edited template directly to your Canva mobile app, making it easier to download to your phone.
  6. Or Download As MP4 to your device: If you prefer, you can also save the downloaded videos as mp4 from Canva to your desktop and then transfer them to your phone. You can use email, cloud storage (like Google Drive or Dropbox) to do this.
  7. Open Instagram: On your phone, open the Instagram app and go to the "Create" section to start a new post. (Or Use the desktop version of Instagram at to upload your reel from your desktop, pick a cover photo, enter a caption and post but you won't be able to add music).
  8. Upload Your Reels: Select "Reel" and then choose the videos you transferred from Canva. You can add music, text, and effects within Instagram if you'd like.
  9. Share: Once you're satisfied, click on "Share" to post your reel to Instagram.

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